August 21, 2014

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August 20, 2014
"So avoid using the word ‘very’ because it’s lazy. A man is not very tired, he is exhausted. Don’t use very sad, use morose. Language was invented for one reason, boys - to woo women - and, in that endeavor, laziness will not do. It also won’t do in your essays."

— Dead Poets Society (1989)

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August 19, 2014

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August 19, 2014

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August 18, 2014

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August 17, 2014

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August 16, 2014

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August 15, 2014

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August 15, 2014
"Racism isn’t born, folks. It’s taught. I have a 2-year-old son. Know what he hates? Naps. End of list."

— Dennis Leary, 1992

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August 14, 2014

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August 13, 2014
"There is some good in this world, and it’s worth fighting for."

— J.R.R. Tolkien, The Two Towers (via kvtes)

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August 12, 2014

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August 11, 2014
Jesus: You don't realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand
August 10, 2014

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August 9, 2014

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